Professional Events

Professional Events

Sunday, February 28th, 14:00 – 16:00, Galerija Srečišče (Hostel Celica):

Meeting of the ELit project partners

The ELit Literaturehouse Europe establishes an observatory for European contemporary literature focusing chiefly on: research, discussion and publishing results concerning literary trends across Europe, as well as the inter-cultural communication of literature within Europe and the dissemination of literature among the diverse cultural spaces within Europe. It enables writers to introduce their works in other linguistic areas and to discover new opportunities for publishing based on digital media.

ELit Literaturehouse Europe regularly organizes European literature youth meetings, European writers’ reading tours sessions, workshops for young writers and the European Literature Days in the Wachau/Lower Austria. ELit Literaturehouse Europe promotes literary transfer in Europe with guest appearances by European writers in other countries.

At the website and trough ebook- and book on demand publications ELiT Literaturehouse Europe will introduce literary trends in Europe and publish and discuss texts on European issues in cultural policy.

Date Title Venue City
14.00 - 16.00
Meeting of the ELit project partners Galerija Srečišče (Hostel Celica) Ljubljana