World Literatures – Fabula 2013

The international literary festival World Literatures – Fabula 2013 is to be the herald of Ljubljana spring once again. Not only will its visitors, for the tenth consecutive year, be able to meet some of the most internationally renowned literary guests, buy new publications at affordable prices, but will also partake in numerous accompanying events and discussions between guests and other experts, this year focusing on the theme Mythology – key to understanding the past or a look into future?. What is more, the festival will cater to the needs of the younger audience as well as organize the traditional prose contests (taking place before the official start of the festival), which enable amateur writers to publicly present their short stories – best writers may win books and even a journal publication of their contribution. All in all, the festival programme is extensive and you will certainly find something to suit your taste.

At our literary evenings visitors will meet the following eight esteemed guests from Slovenia and abroad: Irvine Welsh, Dorota Masłowska, Ilija Trojanow, Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles, Stanka Hrastelj, Milan Kleč, Marko Sosič and Dušan Šarotar.

Festival's focus will bring a series of events that will shed light upon its theme from several angles. Together with numerous acclaimed experts, academics and authors, we will thus discover mythology of the city, discuss political mythologies, uncover the secrets of urban legends, consider the role of mythology in the fantasy and science fiction genre, and learn more about the function of mythology in psychoanalysis.

Our youngest visitors will enjoy the Fairytale Hours (prepared in cooperation with Pripovedovalski variete), while the Visiting Word will reach those unable to attend the festival and visit retirement homes and crisis centres, thus attempting to bring Fabula’s literary spring to all who love good literature.


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