Cees Nooteboom (Netherlands)

Cees Nooteboom (1933) is counted among the most important contemporary Dutch authors while also enjoying an international reputation, as his notable novels (e.g. Rituals (Rituelen), The Following Story (Het volgende verhaal), All Souls' Day (Allerzielen), Lost Paradise (Paradijs verloren), short story collections, poems and travelogues (e.g. Roads to Santiago - De omweg naar Santiago) have been translated into over 20 languages. Nootebom has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren, the preeminent Dutch literature award, in 2009.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise ties together the seemingly independent stories of two strangers: Alma, a Brazilian woman in Australia working through a traumatic experience from her home country, and Dutch literary critic Erik, whose life had lost all meaning and who comes to the land of the Aboriginals on business. Using humour, references to famous works of world literature and numerous mysteries of mythological proportions, the story explores the potentially far-reaching impact that a brief, coincidental encounter can have on our lives in these times when paradise has long been lost.

Translation: Mateja Seliškar Kenda

Mateja Seliškar Kenda graduated in Comparative Literature, French and Dutch and received a doctor's degree for her dissertation on Dutch and Flemish avant-garde poetry. She translates Dutch and French literature for children and adults. She has edited and translated selections of Dutch and Flemish short prose and poetry and received a number of scholarships granted by the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators (DSKP), the Slovenian Book Agency and the Dutch and Flemish Literary Fund.




















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