Juan Gabriel Vásquez (Colombia)

Juan Gabriel Vásquez (Bogotá, 1973) had graduated in Law, received a doctor's degree in Latin American Literature at the Sorbonne in Paris and then lived in Barcelona for the next three years. The Sound of Things Falling (El ruido de las cosas al caer) is his fifth novel, which had, among other things, won him the Alfaguara award (2011) and the International Dublin Literary Award (2014). For a long time, Vásquez wrote op-ed pieces for Columbian daily El Espectador. He writes essays and contributes to various literary journals. He has translated books by J. Hersey, V. Hugo and E. M. Forster.

The Sound of Things Falling

As Antonio Yammara, a forty-year-old professor of Law in Bogotá, reads the news of the shooting death of the hippo that had escaped from the abandoned zoo owned by the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, he is overcome by a torrent of memories. These take him back to mid-1990s, when Yammara was forever marked by his brief acquaintance with the mysterious Ricardo Laverde - not just by the scar left by the gunshot wound, but also by the unfolding stories of innocent individuals and indirect victims of the bloody conflict between the government and the drug traffickers.

The Sound of Things Falling is the fifth novel published by acclaimed Columbian author and translator Juan Gabriel Vásquez, which had, among other things, won the Alfaguara award (2011) and the International Dublin Literary Award (2014).

Translation: Tina Podržaj, Kristina Koritnik

Tina Podržaj is a graduate of Polish Studies and Comparative Literature. A former employee of the Polish embassy in Ljubljana, Podržaj currently works as a freelance translator and interpretor of Polish and Spanish (her translations include In Search of Lost Meaning, a book of essays by Adam Michnik, and a number of shorter texts published in journals Literatura and Sodobnost). Jury member for a students' Polish translation competition. Occasionally writes for the Pogledi magazine. Lives between Bogotá and Ljubljana.

Kristina Koritnik is a graduate of Sinology and professor of Spanish. She works in education and translates contemporary works of Spanish and Latin American literature (excerpts from translations published in Mentor and Literatura, translation of Los ingrávidos by Valeria Luiselli). Koritnik has also been the recipient of the esAsi prize for young translators awarded by the Spanish embassy in Ljubljana.




















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