Fabula before Fabula 2016

Fabula before Fabula 2016

Prior to the official opening of Fabula, three Thursdays in February will be reserved for Fabula before Fabula, a series of events hosted by three cities in Slovenia and Italy.

This year’s Fabula before Fabula will consist of two readings and a film screening. These events, taking place prior to the official opening of the 13th edition of Fabula, will also focus on the festival topic (“The Newcomers”) and on the matter of refugees:

– 19:00, Thursday, February 11, Goga bookshop in Novo mesto: “To Leave One’s Tribe”. Gabriela Babnik and Andrej E. Skubic will talk about their latest books, Intimate (Intimno) and Games without Frontiers (Igre brez meja) respectively, that deal with refugees and the racism they face. The event will be hosted by Agata Tomažič.

– 18:00, Thursday, February 18, Salon uporabnih umetnosti (Maribor): Nino Flisar and Vesna Milek will have a discussion titled Home Is where I Write. The talk will be accompanied by musical numbers performed by Marko Mandir.

– 19:00, Thursday, February 25, Trieste: Following the premiere of documentary Tihotapci identitete (Identity Smugglers), Irena Urbič will talk to guests Ervin Hladnik Milharčič, lead actor and co-screenwriter, and Marija Zidar, director and co-screenwriter.

Date Title Venue City
To Leave One's Tribe. Gabriela Babnik and Andrej E. Skubic. Goga Bookstore Novo mesto
Home Is where I Write. Nino Flisar and Vesna Milek. Salon uporabnih umetnosti - Maribor Maribor
Identity Smugglers – discussion and prepremiere of the documentary Slovene Theatre in Trieste (Little Hall) Trieste