World Literatures – Fabula 2015

The 12 the edition of the Fabula festival will take place between 28 February and 8 March 2015.

Fans of inspiring authors and great literature will once again be privy to getting their money's worth. The Fabula pocketbooks will hit book stores at affordable prices as soon as mid-February. The guests of this year's festival will be both exciting and acclaimed foreign and Slovenian authors respectively with whom we will spend some quality time in the Club of the Cankarjev dom Culture Centre. The rich supporting programme will take place at numerous venues in Ljubljana, starting with the Trubar House of Literature. The festival will begin with the traditional February "Prose-a-thlon", with readings in four Slovene cities with Boštjan Gorenc - Pižama at the forefront. The last day of February will ring in a 10-day stretch of stories of all forms, shapes, and colours that will add variety to the days of early spring from morning until late in the evening.

The festival activities will commence with Janice Galloway, a representative of contemporary Scottish literature. The following events will include respective readings by young French author Clément Bénech, internationally acclaimed and multi-award-winning Dutch author Stefan Hertmans, and the versatile and extraordinarily popular Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov. The festival will conclude on the International Women's Day, which we will celebrate in the company of five Slovenian authors, namely Desa Muck, Žiga Gombač, Barbara Simoniti, Milan Dekleva and Mojca Kumerdej, all of whom have contributed their stories for young readers to be featured in the book Moč lažnega (The Power of Deception) for the very first time in festival history.

Moč lažnega (The Power of Deception) is also the title of this year's festival focus. The very much current topic will be highlighted, treated, and discussed with regard to different areas and from various points of view. The concept of the 'deception' will not be observed as the antipode to the truth only, but moreover in more detail through an exploration of separate sub-concepts such as fantasy, illusion, mirage, and false image. Distinguishing between the 'real' and the 'fake' has always been regarded as a tricky task. In the frame of the festival focus, we shall observe this everlasting enigma of humanity through the prisms of philosophy, film, religion, journalism, literature ... The concept of 'deception' will be illuminated by renowned and widely popular Austrian philosopher Rober Pfaller and further discussed by Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zpančič, and Mladen Dolar. The auteur films selected by Marko Bauer will be accompanied by his lecture and shall also serve as examples based on which we will discuss the concept and depiction of 'deception' through movies directed by Welles, Robbe-Grillet, Herzog, and Kiarostami ...

Younger audiences will also be included, under the motto Young Fabula, not only by means of a volume of stories, but also through a writing contest for lower secondary school pupils, a literature workshop for upper secondary school students, and a radio workshops for youths. We have also invited students enrolled in the Theatre Performance study programme at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana. The future thespians are scheduled to participate during the main literary evenings.

During the days of a burgeoning spring season, Ljubljana once again invites eager literature enthusiasts to enjoy sublime literature, engage in enthusiastic conversations, become acquainted with fresh ideas, and partake in creative programmes for younger participants.

The festival will once again be organised by Beletrina and co-funded by the Municipality of Ljubljana and the Slovenian Book Agency (JAK). The main media sponsor will be Radio Slovenia, while the festival will be co-produced by our faithful colleagues from the Cankarjev dom Culture Centre whose help and assistance has always proven crucial to the success of the festival.