Samira Kentrić (Slovenia)

Samira Kentrić (1976) is a visual artist who fuses public, political discourse with the intimate sphere of our everyday lives. As a designer and illustrator, Kentrić has provided visual art for numerous books and newspapers, including illustrations for Dnevnik's Objektiv supplement, Delo's Sobotna priloga, and Finance. She does cover design for books published by Beletrina, Modrijan, the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) and the Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television (AGRFT). Her speciality is editorial illustration, i.e. the visual rendering of political commentary. In 2010, one such Kentrić's work was included in the prestigious American Illustration Catalog.

A Letter to Adna (Pismo Adni)

A Letter to Adna is a graphic novel dealing with the alarming situation in the Middle East from which refugees are fleeing to European countries.
The story is told by Adna's late guardian, who had left the girl with a letter that she would receive in the event of her death, and with a few suggestions about what to pay attention to, should Adna decide to flee. The narrative thus consists of two parts: the first part gives us the text of the letter that ends Adna's already less than carefree childhood. And the second part provides instructions that leave no doubt to the double standards and warped perception that Adna would encounter in the countries she's leaving for. Nevertheless, the story concludes with an enduring desire for freedom and fairness that leads Adna to embark on her uncertain journey.



















(Beletrina 2016, 10,00€)

About the book:

Refugees. We don’t want anything to do with them, we don’t like them, we’re afraid of them. They’re different, difficult, ungrateful, uncivilized and dangerous. They should stay where they are or go somewhere else.
A passionate, humane, darkly humorous book about Them that say more about Us.”

Zoran Smiljanić